If you are looking to get fit, and smile doing it…we have two amazing studios in Oceanside, CA that are perfect for you! Private sessions, groups, and personal fitness plans are available.

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"If you have the chance, commit to Fitter is Funner. The best decision you will make."

Julia D.

"I cannot say anything except...amazing!"

Rahul R.

"Very knowledgeable & professional. Not to mention, sent me home with tips & tricks that I've integrated into my workouts & lifestyle that have continued to make a noticeable difference for me."

Sarah H.

"I've played sports & been active my whole life & in return have sustained a fair share of injuries. I've never had a noticeable relief from any injury or soreness as I have experienced with KATHY."

Devin B.

Have fun while discovering a fitter happier you!

Fitter is Funner Studio is all about finding a healthier balance in our lives while enjoying ourselves.
Kathy Babcock, Owner of Fitter Is Funner

The focus is always on you and your wellness needs.

Kathy Babcock, Owner of Fitter Is Funner

Join others seeking a REAL change in their lives.


Do you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or have pre-diabetic blood sugar? You have options.

Kathy Babcock, Owner of Fitter Is Funner

'Nutrition is OUR Prescription', along with reasonable exercise.

Focused Approach

Kathy Babcock takes a focused approach to build your personal and tailored fitness program with an intelligent, realistic and above all safe 'play-out', instead of a dreaded workout! She doesn't drive clients to SUCCESS with boring, dreaded workout routines of dull repetition, low energy, and potentially contraindicated exercises that will injure clients. We engage clients with a fun, music-filled, creative, and intelligent fitness routine that keeps you moving, thinking, feeling, and smiling!

Group Training


55 min | $20.00-$30.00

Private Training


55 min | $85

Semi-Private Training


55 min | $30.00

Corporate On-Site


55 min | $25.00-$35.00

Home Training


55 min | $80.00

Beach Training


Pop-Up Zen & Stretch | $Free

Save $15 Per


You can now pre-buy private sessions in 10, 20, and 30 package increments! Each session will only cost $65 each, which is a savings of $15 per session!

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What's Your Commitment?


Our mission is about helping you find what you will commit to. We will find what you look forward to doing each day in a supportive and intelligent environment in your private session.

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Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

Utilizing your body weight as resistance will increase your strength and endurance. A client favorite!

Strength Training

Strength Training

Don’t be scared of weights. They are our friends! We will find what weights work best for your fitness journey.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training

Developing flexibility and coordination is the ultimate endurance builder for your body. Total body wellness.

'The Fantastic Five!'

Kathy's goal at each session is to take clients to the next level with an empowerment of feeling FANTASTIC, FOCUSED, FULFILLED, FIT, and FREE at any age!