If you are looking to get fit, and smile doing it…we have two amazing studios in Oceanside, CA that are perfect for you! Private sessions, groups, and personal fitness plans are available.

(760) 419-4874 Oceanside, California Mon - Sun By Appt. Only
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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Handling

All orders on your store will ship with our fixed rates and Standard shipping. Shipping with the Overnight and Express methods is available for live rates and manual orders.

Domestic shipping
Flat Rate (Standard) (3-4 business days after fulfillment)
Express (1-3 business days after fulfillment)
Overnight (1 business day after fulfillment)


All sent products are marked with SD HUMANkind’s return facility’s address for your convenience.

11201 Ed Brown Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273

If a product is returned, it will come back to us and we’ll place it in temporary returns for 28 days at no cost. During this time, you’ll be able to change the shipping address, and you’ll be responsible for shipping costs. All unclaimed returns will go to charity.

For additional questions, please email info@kathybabcock.com.

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